PDSL Career

We are a global organization committed to provide high quality seamless engineering & IT Services to our clients by using both local talent and global intelligentsia.

We are looking for high caliber result oriented Engineering and IT Professionals Through out the year. We focus to fill te skills shortage in global market & Cater the Business needs of our esteemed clients right from the start of idea development.

Start with right attitude always wins, PDSL always support young entrepreneurs towards there dream project.

PDSL is holding access to niche skill set from around the world, for which PDSL is Utilizing its open-reach source beyond EU through its im-migration expertise (holding Home office accredited A Rated Tier2 sponsorship system).

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If you are interested in any of the vacancies or want to be considered for any of PDSL upcoming openings, please click on apply and fill in the form below and a member of team will contact you to discuss.

For update on vacancies please contact [email protected]